Management Training

Management Training

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

Harry S Truman

Managers provide the critical link between organisational achievement and individual motivation. As well as their technical know-how, you need your managers to understand the overall strategic priorities and be able to support and enthuse their teams to deliver. However, in a busy workplace getting your managers skilled up can be a challenge – you need your managers at work not on a training course. That’s why we’ve created a uniquely flexible approach to management training.

We do the background work, listen to your needs and develop a learning intervention which is succinct, effective and can be delivered as and when it’s needed. We use a range of interactive approaches such as online video conferencing, bespoke workbooks and e-mail activities and trackers. Our half day seminars, bitesize sessions and learning lunch reviews have been especially popular but whichever approach we use, you can be assured that your managers will learn highly practical, instantly useful tips, techniques and ideas for the challenges they are facing today.

Examples of Training Courses

As with all training, we develop our management training according to the specific needs of the organisation and team. These examples provide some idea of the breadth of training we’ve delivered for other organisations:

Management Essentials

Stepping up to become a manager is often described as the most difficult transition in one’s career. How do you gain respect, maintain motivation, ensure you’re providing adequate support and supervision and still get your own work done? This course is an opportunity to explore the opportunities and challenges of being a manager. The training will introduce practical frameworks and techniques which will help you reflect on your management style and understand people’s expectations of work. We will also consider how to delegate, give feedback and manage performance.

Next Level Management

The middle manager is an essential but often challenging role requiring a combination of strategic thinking, operational credibility and excellent influencing skills. The effective middle manager knows how to bring their professional expertise to the development of organisational goals and at the same time, represent the organisation’s strategic aims to the teams that will need to implement them. This training day provides an opportunity to step back and consider the middle manager’s working context as well as introducing you to the skills you need to proactively manage key stakeholders. Through the lens of established theories and practical activities and discussions we will explore a range of issues including:

  • The Challenges of Middle Management
  • Understanding the Strategic Context
  • Identifying and Managing Stakeholders
  • Relationships, Credibility and Trust
  • Delivering the Difficult Message
  • Managing Change
  • Stepping up to Lead

Managing Your Team

Managing teams can be both rewarding and frustrating! How do you engage a range of personalities and keep them all heading in the same direction whilst dealing with complex team dynamics. This training will give you the opportunity to reflect on these challenges. We will explore the role of the team leader, the importance of team structure and rules, understanding team dynamics and how to recognise and overcome the most common dysfunctions of a team.

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